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Welcome to Mental Health Accommodations In Derby

With over 30 years experience in psychiatric care in Hospital and the community we cover psychotic and neurotic disorders such as schizophrenia anxiety, anger and depression.

We provide experienced registered mental nurses who work to N M C guidelines: setup since 1984 who work alongside Consultant Psychiatrists GP’S AND Multi – agency teams

We provide a housing service with support for people with severe and enduring Mental Health Problems the service is intended for people who have some degree of dependency and self help skills, but who lack sufficient skills to live independently at the time of entry to service.

The aims of the service delivery will be to work with service users on maximizing their existing skills and learning new ones where applicable, and that will enable them to move on successfully in the community

As part of the support that we provide these are some of the tasks we will undertake

  1. Talking through problems and coping skill
  2. Assistance with and teaching of daily living skill
  3. Staffed 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight
  4. Encouragement and support in social activities
  5. Liaison with relatives and care co-ordinators
  6. Assistance with claiming benefits
  7. Help with budgeting and financial arrangements
  8. Over seeing access to GP medical and social service appointments
  9. On call at night
    Prompting to take medication

Prompting for personal hygiene and cleanliness of rooms and communal areas
All service users will receive a care plan with which they can be expected to participate in their reviews